Morons rule our planet

How very depressing sitting in the kebab shop tonight.
The only thing to look at whilst waiting was a plain woman, made to look not plain, on the TV music channel.
She was bumping and grinding in a selection of small clothes and she had false hair, false nails,false tits, false voice.
She was probably black but it was hard to tell.
Male dancers scantily clad and oily, gyrating all around her to attract the pink pound as well. Its all about the money.
There was no talent emanating from these people.
There may have been at one time, when as children they sang in their living rooms, into their bedroom mirrors, took their tap lessons week after week
It had all been forced through money making sausage machine now, to come out as dull pulp.

Tired of her, I looked around for something to read. but only thing was ‘The Sun’.
The headline was so stupid I cant even remember it, and it was probably a lie anyway so cant be bothered, but it seemed to involve some hapless woman and a baby and 25p.

Inside was greater detail re baby and woman and the 25p, and explicit sexual details of the so called ‘celebrity’ sex abuse cases.
Articles that read from a 1970s soft porn story printed in the name of moral outrage.

Another woman came on the TV.
She was white but was doing the same as the other woman.
It was supposed to be different but it wasn’t.
All these images are so common now that I have no doubt some of you think this rant is pointless and quaint, and wander why I’m making such a fuss.

A little girl came into the kebab shop with her dad. She was about seven. She was full of hope and potential and life, unlike the vacuous robotic sexualised images flickering in front of her very real face.
I felt sad that we expect so little of our children, and of men, and women.
And we let morons rule the planet, and fuck us up so they can become rich and we all become poorer.


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